API as a Business Strategy

Igor Bondarenko, OEC Director, Applications |

API (Application Programming Interface) is not just for developers any more. While in the past APIs were considered a purely technical concept, the increasingly interconnected nature of the modern computing landscape is changing how we think and leverage them. Today, an API strategy is a key business element for technology vendors large and small. In addition to helping break down silos and accelerate delivery of internal products, APIs play a key role as a business differentiator on multiple fronts:

  • Many corporations look to APIs as a key enabler to launch their mobile solutions. When partnering with an external mobile development vendor, standard-based, well-crafted APIs are key to rapid, successful delivery.
  • Some look at APIs as a developer-friendly, economically successful platform to increase the value of their traditional solutions by integrating them with 3rd party products in order to solve customer needs in new, innovative ways.

No matter the motivation, API as a business strategy is here to stay. The companies that embrace this opportunity need to position their API solutions for long term success - treating APIs as a product; engaging the third-party developers in a two-way dialog to win their hearts and minds; and external and internal marketing and advocacy are just a few examples of where the traditional thinking needs to evolve to ensure long term success. It is not always an easy task, often requiring teams to embrace a new state of mind and take a few risks in the process. But the return is more than worth the effort, opening new potential sources of revenue for many years to come.