Andrew Smyser

Affordable Change to Exit Signs Results in More Energy Savings for You

Andrew Smyser |

When looking for energy savings, sometimes it’s the little changes which create the most value.

Something that small business owners don’t think too much about is a business requirement, exit signs. All businesses have them and most probably do not give them a second thought, but small business owners will see a quick payback when they upgrade to a more efficient solution.

The average exit sign in existing buildings is several years old and uses incandescent light bulbs. They use 40 watt bulbs and are on 24/7. This small amount of energy output really adds up. New signs using 2 Watt LEDs would save 38 watts an hour, adding up to over 330KW annually. The payback for this upgrade is usually less than a year and the greatest benefit is in the lifespan of the bulb which can last approximately 10 years. Think of all the time and effort saved in not having to replace the light bulbs in your signs year after year. Time, effort and electric savings highlight the benefit of making this small change now.

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