Sante Ghetti

Cleveland part-time workers’ measure withdrawn, special election next year on minimum wage

Sante Ghetti |

A vote will not take place in November on a Cleveland-only minimum wage increase that would phase in a $15 minimum wage (starting with $12 an hour in January 2018) while the rest of the state remains at $8.10; the measure is, however, expected to appear on the Cleveland ballot on May 2, 2017.

A separate Cleveland-only part-time workers’ initiative that was in-line to appear on the November ballot has been withdrawn by petitioners; City Council granted their request this week and repealed the proposal.

GCP/COSE opposes both of these misguided efforts due to the bevy of job-threatening regulations the part-time workers’ issue would mandate on businesses and because the Cleveland-only minimum wage issue places Cleveland at a disadvantage, would hinder job creation, business growth, and the overall momentum the City of Cleveland is now experiencing.

In other news, two local ballot measures GCP/COSE supports – will appear on the ballot this November – and they were assigned issue numbers:

  • Issue 32: Cleveland's proposal to increase its income tax by 0.5 percent. 
  • Issue 108: The renewal of a tax that provides operating revenue for Cleveland city schools.