Andrew Smyser

Energy Upgrade: How Bundling Projects Boosts ROI

Andrew Smyser |

Bundling your energy efficiency projects can not only help you justify a large capital outlay, it can also generate a quick payback on the investment.

One way to think about this is to combine low- or no-cost projects (such as ensuring outside air dampers are working properly during peak heating and cooling times) with higher-cost investment projects (such as installing variable frequency drives on motors, or other projects that might require an engineering design or additional evaluation.)

Remember what I mentioned earlier about a quick payback? Well, the money invested in installing a variable frequency drive could yield savings for your small business. If the drive’s flow decreases by 25%, the resulting energy savings would total 50% (assuming a 20-horsepower pump that’s working 24 hours a day.)

So, what is the dollar savings of this project? Try $1,450 a year. That means the simple payback on this project is approximately 2.7 to 3.5 years. And don’t forget, you’ve paired this project with the no/low-cost air damper project, which will boost your savings even further because properly working dampers will require significantly less energy.

COSE’s Energy Team can help you connect the dots and figure out which energy projects make the most sense to do at the same time to maximize the total investment return on your project dollars. 

Work with our Team to determine if you qualify for a whole-building energy assessment at no cost to you. They will help you learn how your building uses power and identify areas of your building that can be improved, which could save you an average of 25% to 30% on your operating costs. Also, learn about other programs that provide rebates for the projects you implement that save on electrical use. 

Learn about COSE’s energy assessment work and other programs designed to help you save on your energy costs. Contact our Energy Team at 216-592-2205 or via email at