Mike O'Donnell

Enroll in BWC’s Destination: Excellence programs by May 29 to Earn Rebates

Mike O'Donnell |

As part of the prospective billing implementation, enrollment is currently underway for private employers to sign up for several of the Destination: Excellence programs. Destination: Excellence is a bundle of programs BWC offers that help businesses improve workplace safety, enhance injured worker care and save money on workers’ compensation costs.

Private employers may sign up with BWC between now and May 29 for these programs:

  • Industry-Specific Safety Program, a 3 percent premium rebate for completing loss-prevention activities
  • Drug-Free Safety Program, a 4 or 7 percent premium rebate for incorporating an alcohol and drug testing and education program
  • Transitional Work Bonus Program, up to a 10 percent premium rebate for successfully returning an injured worker released with restrictions back to work

If you would like additional information, the BWC website has details about the changes and programs. Visit www.bwc.ohio.gov. Click on the Employers tab on the menu. Then select Prospective Billing under the Featured Links tab. You can also contact COSE’s Workers’ Comp team at 216-592-2351.