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Five Ways Selling Tech Has Changed

Brad Nellis |

Being in sales can be a tough gig: lots of rejection, lots of pressure, stressful clients and more.  But it can also be pretty satisfying:  financially with commissions, emotionally by helping clients, competitively by winning deals, and more. 

But the sales role is constantly changing in tech. Not just because of the technology and solutions themselves but also with technology actually impacting the process. So as we prep for our final Tech Growth session of the year, Embrace the Changing Role of Tech Sales, I thought some of the points brought up by our panelists were pretty interesting. According to our panelists of a sales coach, a COO/Sales Director and a CIO, these are the top 5 ways selling tech has changed in the past several years.

  1. Buyers are more adept at searching for solutions, so being “found” online is crucial. 
  2. As much as 57% of the purchase decision is made, before there’s ANY contact between seller and buyer.
  3. More decision-makers are getting involved in the selection.
  4. Automated marketing may have peaked and could be generating diminishing returns.
  5. Buyers are becoming more open to f-2-f meetings and problem/solution collaboration with trusted vendors.

To be sure, a lot has changed in the tech sales world, it’ll be interesting to hear in-depth information from our panelists next week.