How Strategic Partnerships, Energy Buying Keep You in Control


There is strength in numbers.

That’s a pretty common saying, but when it comes to energy buying, it rings very true. COSE members as a whole can gain market leverage for their energy purchases. How? Through the power of COSE’s partnerships.

Through its preferred consultant—OnDemand Energy—COSE members are able to leverage suppliers for favorable pricing for their businesses as well as for their homes via COSE’s residential program.

OnDemand Energy continually monitors the energy markets and advises COSE members on the optimal term and timing of their purchases. Typically, there is a “sweet spot” term for each purchase that varies by supplier and considering regulatory and market conditions and each member’s own unique usage characteristics.

Energy Buying Strategy

So, what’s the best strategy a business can have to lock in energy buys and prices? You must recognize that numerus variables, including energy and other non-energy costs, are included in the ultimate price. These variables are constantly changing, which makes it virtually impossible for a non-professional to sort them all out.

This is where the help of an energy professional can really come in handy. Just as most businesses use a professional accountant to prepare their taxes in order to minimize their tax burden, the advice of a qualified and experienced energy professional can help you find the optimal plan for your energy needs. In addition, this energy professional eliminates the learning curve for the business and just makes the procurement process so much easier.

Trusted Advisors

Sam Steinhouse of Excel Air Tool Company can attest to the value partnering with COSE’s Energy Team can bring. He has relied on the expert advice he’s received from COSE and the time the team has spent going over how to help Excel save on its energy costs.

“We feel well-informed from a trusted source on what we can do to make the building more energy efficient,” he says.

COSE members have access to several programs designed to ensure you’re maximizing your energy. Contact us at 216-592-2205 or to learn more.