It's Chilly In July - We're Talking to You, Restaurant Owners!

Contact: Stacy Braxton |

In the heart of the summer people are so eager to be out and about, soaking up the sun and shaking off those last bits of winter frostbite. What a consumer doesn’t want is to taste that frostbite on their steak and asparagus! The temperature outside being so hot does not mean that your freezer needs to be compensating for it - it’s costing you money, probably in more ways than one. Your refrigerator ought to stay above 35 degrees Fahrenheit - anything lower - and you’re paying extra. Catching this oversite and being continuously mindful of ways to conserve energy will save money in the short run. Serving nice people with great food on an outdoor patio is what a successful restaurant owner has been looking forward to all year; regain some capital by following this easy tip:

Place a thermometer in a glass of water and place it in the center of the refrigerator. Simultaneously place a thermometer in between packages in the freezer.  Read the results in 24 hours and adjust temperatures to save on energy consumption.

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