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It's Official, We Are A Tech Hire Community!

Patrick Antos |

It’s official, we are a TechHire Community! Summit County with the help of Conexus (formerly Summit Workforce Solutions) and countless other partners have helped bring a White House initiative to Northeast Ohio to create a new supply of qualified candidates for in demand IT jobs in Northeast Ohio.

OHTec is very pleased to be a part of growing talent here in NEO. We are working closely with RITE (Regional IT Engagement) on scaling this up to our organizations and members throughout Northeast Ohio.

So what is TechHire?

Shifts in employer behavior over the past 25 years and labor market failures have produced an unintended consequence: difficulty hiring the volume of talented individuals with desired skillsets needed to continue to sustain and grow businesses. At the same time, many individuals who seek meaningful work lack sufficient information and institutional support to obtain access to the skillsets, pathways and credentials to signal their potential to employers. In the aggregate, this leads to the paradox of 5.8 million open jobs (the highest on record) while tens of millions of working Americans are unable to meet their true potential. This dysfunction in our labor market is costly to employers, individuals, the US economy and society at large.

TechHire aims to fix this dysfunction for Information Technology (IT) occupations: these roles account for 15% of open jobs, pay 50% above median wage, and are critical roles for employers to fill in every sector of our economy. Through TechHire, a national initiative, an ecosystem is being built through a growing network of 50 communities, 600+ employers with IT hiring needs, and dozens of training institutions and civic actors thus far. This network will serve as a national platform that connects employers with individuals who possess the skills and motivation to be successful employees, but whose nontraditional pathways to acquiring those skills too often render them invisible to traditional recruiting processes. (

OHTec is at the forefront of this initiative and is a lead partner in this four-year grant. Our role is to help get these trained folks into internships with IT companies, as well as full-time job placement throughout Northeast Ohio. If your organization is interested in being at the "front of the line", ready to hire tech talent, please reach out to Patrick Antos via email

OHTec will keep putting out more information as it comes to us to keep you all in the loop on talent initiatives like TechHire and more.

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