LEED Certification and Green Leases—The Perfect Pairing

Tyler Nellis |

Achieving LEED certification for a building is a significant accomplishment for a property owner. However, the potential energy savings for an LEED certified building may not be realized if the energy usage of the tenants is not aligned with the goals of an LEED certified building. One way to guarantee the alignment between owner and tenants is to incorporate green leases into the renting of space within an LEED building.

As the building owner, you have already gone through the hard work of becoming LEED certified. Why not guarantee that the possible energy savings earned by your hard work is being achieved by your tenants? If you as the building owner directly pay all of the utilities, implementing green leases for your tenants will lower energy usage and reduce the utility payments you will have to make. If your tenants pay their own utilities, implementing green leases will lower their individual utility costs and reduce the overall energy usage of the building as well.

You have already raised the value of your property with the improvements you made to achieve LEED certification. Further increase the value of your property for the tenants by reducing their energy costs! By having a more sustainable building and then supplementing this with behavioral changes to further save dollars, you will be giving your tenants several reasons to stay in your building.

Not only can green leases improve tenant retention, they can also serve as marketing tools for future tenants. What up and coming business would not want to be associated with an LEED building that focuses on reducing energy consumption? As this issue becomes more and more prevalent, an LEED building that uses green leases becomes an attractive option for businesses that want to be associated with reduced energy consumption.

Through LEED certification and green leasing, you as the building owner have greatly increased the value of your property. Not only does this save you or your tenants on utility costs, but this increased value of your building from improvements as well as the improvements to your marketability make your space much more valuable. This improved value can lead to higher rents for future tenants as they save money on their energy usage, but are also associated with an LEED certified space.

If your building is already LEED certified, take the next energy efficiency step! Incorporate green leases into your space in order to fully achieve the energy efficiency potential of your space.