Patrick Antos

Looking for Cisco Certified Network System Technicians?

Patrick Antos |

Looking for ways to find quality talent? If you said yes, then you should come and join us at an information session to get your organization involved in accessing this pipeline of trained folks.

Why should you come?

  1. Access to qualified, pre-tested candidates coming through an innovative 18-20 week program including fast-track training at Tri-C and employer-supported internships during the Employer Information Session on June 2, 2016 at Tri-C’s Advanced Training Technology Center.
  2. Engage with trainees during the classroom instruction components to increase your knowledge of the candidates with a  possibility of gaining a 50% wage subsidy up to $5,000 if you hire one of these candidates.
  3. Be the first employers at the table to create the best opportunity for NEO to grow great talent.

To register, please click here and for more information contact Patrick Antos at or view event details in the invitation .pdf.