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Michael Stanek appointed as the employer representative on medical marijuana advisory committee

Sante Ghetti |

Governor John Kasich appointed Michael Stanek, vice president/CFO of Hunt Imaging in Berea and owner of Cleveland Cycle Tours, to a new panel that is being formed, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.  The role of the assignment is to represent employers’ views as regulatory proceedings on medical marijuana take place in Ohio.  Stanek also serves as a GCP board member and as COSE board chair.

Several months ago, Ohio elected officials pre-empted a campaign to place the legalization of medicinal marijuana on the ballot by approving legislation.  The legalization effort that was working to put their separate initiative – which was broader in scope – on the ballot discontinued operations.  The state legislation that passed technically made medical marijuana legal in Ohio on September 8, 2016.  However, the regulatory process that will set many of the rules still needs to be completed within two years; and, the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee may develop and submit recommendations to agencies related to the Medical Marijuana Control Program

“I’m appreciative of the Governor’s trust in making this appointment,” said Stanek.  “Given the magnitude of the potential implications for business owners, their employees, and all Ohioans, I’m honored to serve employers in this role; I understand the importance and do not take this duty lightly.”

GCP/COSE did not take a formal position on the medical marijuana legislation that is now Ohio law.  Our members instead sought to enhance employer rights and GCP/COSE worked to secure protections included in the legislation.  Those protections, for example, state employers can still establish and enforce drug testing, drug-free workplace, and zero-tolerance drug policies.

In addition to this sole employer role, Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee membership will include members who represent:  pharmacists, physicians, local law enforcement. labor, mental health treatment; nurses, caregivers, patients, agriculture; the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, and academic research.

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