Nicole Stika

NOPEC Customers - Don't Feel Neglected

Nicole Stika |

Attention NOPEC customers - don't feel neglected. Here's what you need to know about recent changes to your electricity contract.

If you are not already with our Electric Choice Program, and in NOPEC's aggregation, did you know your current NOPEC rate will now expire December 31st? NOPEC's supplier, FirstEnergy Solutions has canceled its contract with NOPEC.

The current offer expires at the end of December, which means if you do not select another electric generation supplier your account will be returned to your utility’s standard service offer at the beginning of the year, which could be a higher price and variable.

You are free to return to standard service; however, we hope you will take advantage of the recent NOPEC changes and make the switch to COSE’s long-standing Energy Choice Program.

In partnership with OnDemand Energy, COSE is pleased to offer its members an extremely attractive fixed rate from Public Power. You now have the choice to leverage COSE’s Energy Choice Program with Public Power for a 12-month fixed rate of .0566.  Enroll today at

If you have an immediate question or concern regarding your electric contract that you have with NOPEC, please contact the power behind the COSE Choice Energy Program, OnDemand Energy at (855) 267-3688Frequently Asked Questions as it relates to your service and contract.

We look forward to providing you more options than anywhere else and providing a no-cost consultative review of your bills.  For general questions, please feel free the COSE Energy Team at (216) 592-2205.

Enroll today at and receive a free savings kit that can save your business more than $3,000 in energy savings.