Brad Nellis

OHTec Director Bids a Fond Farewell

Brad Nellis |

It has been an amazing run!

About 10 years ago, I was blessed to have the opportunity to take over an incredible organization devoted to helping tech companies and the regional IT industry succeed and thrive.

I blinked and suddenly nearly 10 years have passed, and I find myself announcing that I am moving on from this incredible role, Executive Director of OHTec.

Like any journey, this road has had its share of ups and downs, twists and turns, unexpected dips and breathtaking views. But through it all, I’m so very pleased to say that we’ve remained steadfast in our support for, and almost immeasurably deep love, for the regional tech industry.

The innovation, creativity, imagination, and persistence (plus a lot of other worthy adjectives) exhibited by our members and other entrepreneurial tech firms is awe-inspiring. It’s been a privilege to have a front row seat as prominent tech firms became even more prominent, as mid-size firms grew larger and as exciting tech start-ups gained a foothold and traction.

But while I’m leaving OHTec, I’m not leaving the region, or the industry; I’m joining a local, successful, growing tech firm, Expedient. We’ll continue to be supportive of OHTec and its mission and be even more active in fostering the regional IT industry and community.

COSE will begin work quickly on finding a successor, engaging the OHTec board of advisors in the process. The COSE service team is available for any inquiries at 216.621.3300.

Like finishing a good book, we dwell on it and reflect on its contents, nuances and how it made us feel. And when we put that book down for the last time, we think about the next adventure to be told to us, the new experiences to have and more.

Thank you all for these wonderful experiences and lessons, my friends, I look forward to crafting the next story together!