Patrick Antos

OHTec Talent Services Update

Patrick Antos |

In today’s world, talent is such an incredible challenge for tech companies. OHTec is doing a lot to support our members’ talent needs, so I wanted to share an update on a few of our Talent Services initiatives.

The OHTec Talent Advisory Committee is working hard to bring innovative ideas, in regards to attracting talent, to our members. The committee is comprised of eight tech talent professionals motivated to bring as much talent to Cleveland as possible and to make Northeast Ohio the place to be for these individuals. To accomplish our goals, this group works on programs that can help our members grow their businesses through the production of good talent. A couple of areas in which we’ve begun to work are:

  • Developing leadership programs for high-potential candidates, those who are ready to move up with the necessary skills to lead an organization in the future
  • Via internship programs we hope to connect our members to a new pool of student talent , exposing them to the great companies in the area and preparing them to enter the workforce

We are also calling on members who’d be interested in doing a podcast to showcase their organization, its culture and their company’s growth. A great example is our recent podcast with Onix Networking; a Lakewood, Ohio based Tech Company. The podcasts are painless and even fun to do, so please reach out to me at and we’ll get one set up for your company ASAP.  

We’re also in the process of launching two new services: our Tech Jobs Board and CompTIA certification and Education Channels.

The jobs board is in partnership with TechFetch, a global technology job portal that helps IT companies find the best fitting resumes open for a job. Their vision is to create a global tech workforce community and empower them with opportunities to deliver global technology solutions. We’re very pleased to be working with them and believe it can help our members build a presence locally, as well as nationally, at an affordable rate.

Having access to CompTIA resources is something we feel will be helpful in continuing to educate our member’s staffs, but will also give them insight on how to continue to grow their company.

We are also continuing to support Tri-C and their WEDD H1-B program for Medical Information Office Assistants program and Network Support Specialist internships. Many of our members have already hosted an intern, if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity; please reach out to me at

As you can see we’re working on a lot, but there’s always room for more. Please contact me with any new ideas, innovations or ways we can connect to help your company with its talent needs @ohtectalent on Twitter