Andrew Smyser

Part 5 Energy Audits: Start Saving!

Andrew Smyser |

This series about building energy audits has covered everything from what an audit is, the reasons for having an one, what is involved, and what we typically find. The hardest part of the energy audit is using it.

Energy audits provide a roadmap for how to make your facility more energy efficient. The report not only gives estimated costs for the energy saving measures, but also tells you how much power and money you will save and the estimated payback. The only problem with an energy audit is that it does not complete the project by itself. Like any map, it will not get you anywhere if you don’t take that first step.

We never hear people say they are not doing the recommended projects because they want to keep wasting money on their utility bills or love their old flickering yellowed lights. Which is lucky, because we do not have anything to address those reasons, but almost everything else; from lack of capital to leased spaces has solutions that we can help you identify and access to get on track. So, don’t leave the report on the shelf. Pull it down and start saving!