Tech Growth CEO Perspectives II

OHTech |

All businesses go through various stages, such as start-up – growth – maturity. Tech companies are no different, but with certain, definite nuances. Growing a tech company comes with unique challenges: attracting/retaining talent that’s in short supply, staying on top of rapidly changing trends, funding product development, honing the value proposition and more. 

How have your peers, running successful, growing tech companies done it? How have they overcome challenges and successfully grown a tech company in the CLE? 

As President and CEO, Chuck Rotuno has guided OEConnection's success, and respected industry position, since the company's formation in December, 2000. Chuck has taken the company from a single product start-up to a nationally recognized leader of comprehensive e-commerce solutions for the automotive original equipment parts marketplace. 

Serial entrepreneur Greg Clement has been building and growing successful businesses for more than a decade. Since 2007, Greg has led Realeflow, which creates software designed to assist with real estate investing. Greg has led the organization from product conceptualization and development to making Realeflow the country’s largest SaaS company in that real estate investing niche.

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