Brad Nellis

Tech in the CLE: Inspiring Growth Trajectory

Brad Nellis |

Manufacturing is ok, I suppose: bending metal, making stuff, big and loud machinery, etc. And healthcare is not bad either: quality of life, longevity, social impact and more.

But give me technology: mobile devices, software that gets rockets to Mars and beyond, websites serving up drones, pizza, Browns tickets, etc. and on and on.

So I was really, very excited to see the growth of the tech industry here in Northeast Ohio, growth revealed in our 2015 NEO Tech Industry Research Report, an update to our 2010 report.

Some of the highlights from the report:

  • 19% of companies have more than 50 employees, up from 8% in 2010
  • 22% are doing more than $5m in annual revenues, up from 11% four years ago
  • 61% are doing business outside Ohio; only 40% reported doing so in 2010
  • And 10% get MOST of their business outside Ohio; that’s triple the results from 2010

We see a lot of press around the need for software developers and from these results you can see why need them as badly here as anywhere else in the country.

Check out the complete report and see why tech in the CLE is really starting to dominate.