The Vision Gap

Andy Halko, CEO at Insivia, An Interactive Studio |

Leaders eat, sleep, and drink their business.

It's a constant flow of thoughts, challenges, and opportunities. New insights and strategies are constantly popping off in their head like fireworks - often happening so fast it's hard to really take it all in.

Their vision of what their business is and where it is going is constantly being defined deeper with more detail.  Great leaders have a clear vision because it is key to driving a business towards success.  It’s not just that point in the horizon you are aimed for, but also all the details of exactly how you are going to get there.

The problem is that most leaders are terrible at articulating and communicating that vision. Months of mental dialog and chicken scratch turns into a series of meetings and one-on-one conversations that exist to unsuccessfully shovel it all into the minds of the team. 

The leader sees the spot on the horizon and how to get there, but the rest of the company are all headed in slightly different directions and taking different routes.  But what's potentially worse than the team being completely misaligned is the company's brand and messaging becoming convoluted as well. 

Prospects and customers have to be hammered about who the company is, why they are different and what they do because what’s in the leader's head doesn’t match what's on paper.

This gap between the true vision and the articulated vision is The Vision Gap.

It's the space between the team, customers, prospects, and what a business truly is. A Vision Gap manifests itself in a business in a number of ways:

  • An unengaged team
  • A misaligned team where not everyone is on the same page
  • People working on the wrong things
  • Having the wrong people on the bus and a challenged culture
  • Inconsistent marketing messages that aren’t effective
  • A sales team that struggles to close deals

By not defining a vision in a way that articulates it correctly and clearly to an internal team and the outside world, stagnation sets in because the team isn’t performing their best and the outside world is confused.

Bridging the Vision Gap can be one of the most important and powerful strategies for top-line growth and increased profitability.

We built the Envision and Captivate programs to help companies bridge that gap and create a foundation to scale. 

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