Online or Offline Risk Assessment Tools and Worksheets

Business Insurance Check-up Tool (The Hartford)
Taking a few minutes to answer the “yes” or “no” questions in this check-up can be a great way to kick-off a conversation with your insurance professional about making sure your coverage levels are right for your business today.

SBA guide to Risk Management for a Small Business (Small Business Administration)
This guide will help you:

  • Identify the common risks associated with a small business
  • Identify the external and internal factors which affect risk for a small business
  • Identify situations that may cause risk for a small business
  • Identify the common warning signs of risk for a small business
  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate a risk management plan for a small business

Articles and References Related to Risk Assessment and Management

Insuring Your Business: Small Business Owners' Reference Guides to Insurance and Risk Management (Insurance Information Institute)

  • Risk Management Basics: No one likes thinking about what could go wrong. Nevertheless, you should understand the risks your business faces. Until you identify risks, you can’t make good decisions about managing them.
  • Controlling Liability Risks: In general, to reduce liability risks, you must behave lawfully and with demonstrable responsibility for the welfare of third parties. If you can provide evidence that you took your responsibility seriously and made reasonable efforts to prevent harm to others, you are less likely to be found liable.
  • Reducing Motor Vehicle Risks: Traffic accidents are the number one cause of on-the-job fatalities. Effective risk management can reduce the number of injuries and deaths and the potential liability lawsuits that may result from accidents in which employees were involved.
  • Disaster Response and Recovery Planning: To reduce the destructive impact of disasters, you should have a plan—both to respond to the immediate emergency and to get your business operating again, even if your usual premises and business equipment and materials have been destroyed.

Top Ways to Manage Business Risks (Investopedia)

Identifying and Managing Business Risks (Investopedia)

  • An article describing how business owners can prepare for risks if they know what they are and how to minimize impact on customers, lost time and productivity and dollar losses.