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Energy consumption is one of the largest expense categories for many small businesses. Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) and its partners can offer members several programs to help assess current energy usage and opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

COSE has teamed with FirstEnergy’s Ohio Utilities to provide member businesses with an exclusive energy savings opportunity. The first step is a comprehensive assessment of how your facility uses power; gas, electric, even steam.

The cost of this energy assessment is paid for by FirstEnergy, so there's no out of pocket expense.

Eligibility requirements: If you are a FirstEnergy customer, a COSE or GCP member, and own or rent a building or space greater than 10,000 sq. feet. 

"We engaged the GCP Energy Team to audit our two facilities in Hiram and Newbury. Following the audit, we identified opportunities to improve several aspects of our buildings, including lighting, HVAC and controls in both locations. The support we received from the GCP, from coming out to our facilities, preparing the Energy Assessment Report, developing recommendations and an action plan, including estimated project paybacks, and recommending GCP-approved contractors for the work, saved our team a lot of time and money. The GCP Energy Audit was a great opportunity to learn more about our energy usage and opportunities for energy reduction."
Lisa Lufkin, Saint-Gobain Crystals

"Every firm looks to lower their operating costs.  Pace Engineering took advantage of the energy audit that COSE offered.  Energy accounts for 4% of our costs from process gas and electricity used in our manufacturing to general uses heat and lighting. Most people view energy costs as fixed.  The energy audit identified a number of projects that when implemented will reduce our energy costs more than 9%.   We were surprised because five years ago, we spent more than $250,000 on energy efficiency projects.  From the COSE audit, we learned where our energy is consumed and have uncovered even more savings than were identified in the audit." ---Craig Wallace, CEO PACE Engineering, Inc.

"The Centers for Families and Children found the COSE/GCP energy assessment extremely valuable. The report was especially useful in identifying energy priorities and quantifying the potential costs and returns on HVAC control systems. We will certainly use this information to help us plan for future improvements across our portfolio. We would recommend any COSE member with more than 10,000 square feet of real estate take advantage of this offering, especially while it is being offered at no cost! 
Matt Sattler, The Centers for Families and Children

"GCP/COSE offered our company a free energy assessment. Even though we had just made some lighting upgrades secondary to a building expansion we had recently completed, we decided there might be other areas we could improve.  They were very professional and the assessment didn’t take much time.  After receiving our report, it indeed showed that we could still improve on our energy consumption.  As a result of the report, we made some of their recommended improvements.  With global warming being a huge topic of discussion these days, I would recommend that every company have an energy assessment.  It will most definitely point out areas where every business could save money and also help our environment by optimizing our energy usage."
Kevin Tager, Vice President of Finance, IDentiphoto Co. Ltd


Here's how you enroll:

1. Determine eligibility by emailing or call (216) 592-2205.

2. Share your recent natural gas and electric bill. COSE’s auditors will use your bills to better understand how your building is using energy.

3. Conduct the on-site assessment. COSE’s auditors will do an on-site assessment to identify how your building currently uses power. This will include an analysis of the HVAC system, building envelope, water heating and distribution, lighting, plug loads and building controls. On-site assessments may require more time depending on square footage and complexity.  

4. Review the results. Within three weeks of the assessment, COSE will schedule a meeting to review the findings from your assessment. Often times improvements can be made at no cost or with a modest capital investment. COSE will help you prioritize the energy savings recommendations to develop an actionable energy efficiency strategy, and will connect you to quality service providers and capital resources to drive implementation. 

After reviewing results, COSE's auditors will ensure that you prioritize projects, coordinate contractor quotes for complete installation, identify ways to maximize ROI and cash flow (i.e. rebates, financing, text credits, green leasing), and facilitate any project(s) installation and long-term preventative maintenance.