What if you could complete your energy projects with a lower interest rate and significantly reduce your business’ operating expenses?

COSE has created an Interest Rate Reduction Program to provide reduced rates for efficiency and renewable energy projects. COSE's program works with KeyBank to provide financing for private commercial, industrial, and non-profit organizations for energy efficiency and other qualified energy conservation purposes.

To qualify for a rate reduction:

  1. You must be a FirstEnergy Customer
  2. You must be a member of COSE or the Greater Cleveland Partnership

Minimum Loan Size


Interest Rate

Based on qualifying under the Rate Reduction Schedule
and as negotiated with KeyBank and COSE

Loan Term

Standard finance terms are 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 months

Rate Reduction Schedule

Minimum 1% rate reduction from projects that yield 15%
energy savings. Additional energy savings qualify for the

a. 15-20% 1.0% reduction applied to loan (total of 2.0%)
b. 21-30% 1.5% reduction applied to loan (total of 2.5%)
c. 31-50% 2.0% reduction applied to loan (total of 3.0%)

  • Implement more than one energy conservation measure and be eligible to receive an additional .50% rate reduction;
  • If using a COSE Energy Contractor, eligible to receive an additional .50% rate reduction;
  •  Implement green lease to receive an additional .25% rate reduction. 

*Maximum rate reduction is 4.25%; final interest rate will not be lower than 2%, terms subject to change

Interested? Too many things in life and business are complicated, so let’s make it easy. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Click here to go to the application
  2. Complete the Rate Reduction application to tell us about your project and click “submit”
  3. COSE will provide referral to KeyBank for loan application.
  4. Obtain loan approval and rate reduction in 2-3 business days from KeyBank
  5. Get started on the project and save on energy costs. Pay back the loan with your energy savings earned each month.