COSE's Workers' Compensation Program has been saving small businesses money for more than 20 years

We have partnered with Minute Men HR Management Services (MMHR) to strengthen our comprehensive program. Not only can we help you add thousands of dollars to your company’s bottom line, we provide valuable support services that save you time and frustration. Benefits of our program also include:

  • Expert claims management
  • Hearing representation
  • Personalized Underwriting and Policy Management
  • Safety Education
  • Advocacy
  • Connections to state agency contacts

Our program participants saved over $10 million in premiums last year!

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The COSE Workers’ Compensation Program is designed to provide savings and ongoing consultative services related to your workers’ compensation program. Through our group rating plans, eligible businesses can save up to 53% on workers' comp premiums each year. That can mean thousands of dollars added to your company’s bottom line.

Maximize your membership by contacting our team at Minute Men HR and we can review your business for The COSE Workers’ Comp Program to determine how much you can save.

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Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter

COSE partnered with Minute Men HR Management Services in 2016 to administer the COSE Workers' Compensation Program. 

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