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Small Business Boot Camp: Staffing, Talent and Culture Cleveland, Ohio

Finding the right talent for your small business is tough. Especially in this town, where there are so many qualified applicants. As a small business owner, you are not only competing with corporations who can offer more attractive benefits, but also with New York and Chicago that offer the allure of a big city. But Cleveland is rising. It is our job to keep our talent in our city.  It doesn’t stop at the hiring process, we need to work to retain our employees. Turnover is extremely costly, especially to a small business owner who is already has limited time and resources. Join us as Steve Ellis shares his views on what was learned from the collapse of his former firm Arter & Hadden, and how those lessons helped tucker Ellis to become one of the "Best Companies to Work For" year after year.  He will offer insights on why employees are a company's greatest asset and why having the right talent is so critical to your success.

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COSE WebEd Series: How to Jumpstart Sales in 90 Days

Every business is a sales organization.  Whether it’s a one-person consultancy or a manufacturing plant, sales are critical to success. If we don’t connect with people who find value in our offering, all the ingenuity and hard work we put into creating the business is wasted. This webinar will give you actionable steps to revitalize sales and help your audience connect with the value of your offering.




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A Glimpse Inside 10KSB Cleveland, Ohio

Growth or Safety? If you choose a step forward into growth, have you thought about how you will get there?

If you’re like hundreds of business owners in Northeast Ohio who also chose growth, you'll attend a special Glimpse Session to learn about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

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