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Sales Academy Rootstown, Ohio

Join sales trainers Hal Becker and Marvin Montgomery for a full-day sales training that will take you through every facet of being a successful salesperson. The course will cover everything from how to make the initial call, to using cold calling, in-person meetings or social media to closing the sale. Heavy emphasis will be on qualifying the customer, listening skills, territory management, and what the top 3 percent of all salespeople have in common for incredible execution.

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Acquiring the Right Employees Independence, Ohio

Every business owner or company leader will tell you that finding and keeping the right employees remains at the top of the priorities list.  And this is no simple task.  From writing the job description and interviewing candidates through to training and ingraining the new hire into your culture to evaluating their performance and providing opportunities for growth and development – there is a lot to think about and plan.  Additionally, today you cannot just hire based on right skillset or experience, you also have to focus on attitude, company fit and trainability.

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Successfully Selling into India North Canton, Ohio

India is one of the most youthful, industrious, high technology producers in the world.  But it is also a rapidly emerging market that has experienced a positive growth, even through the recent global recession.  Several Northeast Ohio companies have been successfully selling into India by selling value. At this seminar, a panel of local business executives will discuss their positive experiences selling into India, a subcontinent where marketing opportunities include infrastructure, construction, telecommunications, computers, energy generation and distribution, pollution control, machine tools, oil and gas, medical equipment and security.

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Safety Compliance Solutions For Ohio Businesses Seven Hills, Ohio

Workplace safety is every employers number one priority no matter how big or small your company is. Join us for this free educational seminar as we share the best practices and common mistakes to avoid in your workplace. This program satisfies the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation 2 Hour Group Rating Training requirement for businesses that have experienced a claim in the last two years.

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COSE WebEd Series: Stop Selling on Price Pricing for Value & Profits

In today’s competitive, dynamic price-sensitive market, customers’ demands for quality, value and customized solutions require a solution selling approach. Achieving your sales objectives requires customer-focused selling strategies and skills that will win and sustain profitable business relationships. 

During this webinar the Sales Doctor will focus on Seven Specific Sales Techniques that will enable participants to become more effective at selling the value of their services instead of discounting the price. It’s not the pricing of your product or service but whether or not you are skilled in selling the value and not the price.

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Cleveland B2B Matchmaker 2016 Cleveland, Ohio

The eleventh annual Cleveland Matchmaker Event is a unique small business contracting event, which presents a great opportunity for small businesses to gain access to buyers that represent millions of dollars in purchasing. The goal of the event is to create future contract opportunities for your small business through one-on-one sessions between buyers and sellers.

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Business Boot Camp Series: Conscious Leadership - The Path to Accelerating Your Team and Yourself Westlake, Ohio

Three facts of leadership. First, leadership is a choice. Second, everyone leads something (or someone). Third, the most essential outcome of leadership is influence. The other leadership reality is that it requires people with high levels of awareness and emotional intelligence who can empower, engage, inspire and align others. The key foundation for all of these leadership outcomes is one word — trust — and this is the missing ingredient for most leaders. 

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Ready to "Change the Game" for Your Business? Beachwood, Ohio

You want to grow your business…right?  But you keep running into barriers, challenges and roadblocks.  While you think you may know the root of the problem, it’s important that you take a step back to assess the whole business to truly evaluate if you have identified the real issues that may be getting in your way and where the right opportunities may exist.  Our panel of experts, all graduates of the COSE Strategic Planning Course, will walk you through the processes they went through within their respective businesses to create focus, to identify a shared set of goals and objectives, and to develop an overall path and strategy for growth.  You’ll leave this session with some tools and tactics you can immediately put into action to address challenges within your company and to position your business for success.

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